Christmas Trees Sing to Me

by Martian Moonz & Hawlies

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released December 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Dogless Normal, Illinois

Some Music.

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Track Name: Martian Moonz - Merry Christmas! (Happy New Year!)
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

String Up the lights
On the tree tonight
Then we’ll gather round
Exchange laughs not shouts

We’ll live the perfect life
But just for the night
Because its christmas now
well take a happiness vow
It’s Christmas now
It’s Christmas Now

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

Lay down your head
It’ll soon be Christmas
Go to bed
It’ll soon be Christmas
Lay down your head
It’ll soon be Christmas
Go to bed
It’ll soon be Christmas
Track Name: Hawlies - North Pole, No Problem
Why don't you stay awhile
for a dream or two
We can listen to records
that remind me of you
from years ago, I know it's cold outside
all the more reason for you to stay the night
If God is a star, we've spun 'round three times
and yet, you're the one naughty thing on my mind
my list has been empty
but my christmas 'll be blue
without you

I said I wanted nothing this year, but you know it ain't true

It was the creaks in the floor
as my siblings went rushing
to see if Santa Claus had put gifts in their stockings
and the warmth of a house, rooms filled with laughter
but it blurs with the years, and they keep passing faster
and the grip on a sled, you said it was yours
you gave a kick to my stomach that I had felt once before
The blurring was gone, it stopped snowing that day
and I wished for you to stay

If it were christmas morning, I think that you'd be on your way
But it's snowing too hard now, and we both live so far away
Track Name: Martian Moonz - Mexico City, Christmas
It’s winter time
It’s growing cold
I wear thick sweaters
As I freeze my toes

But tis the season
The season of joy
So ill bring it
Like Santa brings toys

Oh its my favorite
time of the year
We forget about everything
But our holiday cheer

Ill spend all my money
on gifts for you
I love to see you happy
i want your dreams to come true

It’s Christmas eve
It’s cold inside
I’m with my brother
Hiding quietly behind
The couch, in the room
That holds our tree
We wait for santa
But we fall asleep

And awake to Christmas morning
Track Name: Hawlies - Dancing Elves
The elves dance on Christmas Day
It's the most seasonal display
Such beautiful sounds
As they all twirl around
Wishing us all happy holidays
Their work is finally done
Now its time to have some fun
No more making toys
For little girls and young boys
The celebration has just begun
Now, If it were up to me
They'd have no reason to stop
They'd keep dancing, and prancing,
and thinking good thoughts
They'd have no more quotas, or joy to allot
to dates in a month, it should last the whole year
this feeling shouldn't be just for holiday cheer
If it were you and me
If it were you and me
If it were you and me
If it were you and me
Track Name: Martian Moonz & Hawlies - Snowstorm
A winter storm is coming
It has got us running
To go buy food and gas
And wait for the snow to pass

I’m waiting at my window patiently
To see the first of the snow fall gracefully
I want the Christmas like I remember
to have a white and snowy December

Pack up the car and have a safe trip home
You’ll find your way through the blanketed roads
Gather with your family, and as they always say
Merry Christmas, and happy holidays

I watch as the snow falls to the ground
Oh i love that soft wintery sound
It doesn’t matter if i cant drive anywhere
Because I got everything that i need here

We’ll wrap presents and put up the christmas tree
Sit down for dinner with our whole family
Food and laughter will keep us warm
Snow falls as we wait out the storm

Have a Merry Christmas
Have a Happy New Year